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Two years ago, Tyler Reid left the California Coastline in search of a new start. One that didn’t include Genevieve Lawson and the disastrous ending to their life together. Stubborn and alone, Reid is determined to move forward but remains haunted by his past and the events that occurred before he left the sleepy beach community.

Reluctantly, Reid finds himself in therapy, forced to deal with his past to embrace his future. But, as he begins to heal, the memories of his upbringing start to unravel, forcing him to question all he’s known about his relationship with Genevieve and those around him.

Determined to make things right, Reid returns to California attempting to make peace with his past and provide both him and Genevieve closure. Only when he arrives, their encounter takes a turn neither expected, nearly derailing his progress and their plans.

Can the two put aside the past for a chance at a possible future?

What You Can Expect From At Last:

♥ Wounded Hero Determined to Heal
♥ Torn Heroine Afraid of Being Hurt Again
♥ Redemption Story
♥ Two-Hour Short Read with All the Feels
♥ Guaranteed Happily Ever After



"This is a grown-up romance. It’s a complicated situation. It’s a messy entanglement. There are real issues, raw emotions and a great deal at stake. Although a quick read, I was totally invested in the believable characters and riveted by author Krista Harper’s skilled storytelling until the satisfying conclusion. An easy five stars." - Barbara Kellyn, Author of Morning Man


"I must say that I was totally taken off guard by this book. At Last by Krista Harper is a quick read that packs an emotional punch. It's different than almost anything that I've read before, and I honestly didn't realize how much it was affecting me until I'd turned the final page." - Amazon Review


"This is a well written story which is a quick read, and is filled with emotions, a tad angst, heartbreak, redemption, healing, regrets, tension, twists, intrigue, and love, which leads to a sweet and all-consuming page turner." - Amazon Review

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