Assisting Creative Writers As They Transition

From Hobbyists To Professional Authors

Genre Specialties:


Contemporary Fiction

Developmental Editing:

As a Developmental Editor, my goal is to improve the content and structure of your manuscript and take on topics such as pacing, plot, characterization and setting

Pricing: $100 per 10,000 words/Minimum 10,000 words

Writing Coach:

As a writing coach I will help you organize your project, determine a schedule and select a completion date as a goal. My job is to help you focus and provide an objective perspective, while guiding and encouraging you through the process

Pricing: $40/hr or bundle 3hrs for $100



As a mentor I will assist you in areas such as, navigating the publishing world, developing an author platform, book launch strategies and publishing wide for indies, among other topics


Pricing: $40/hr or bundle 3hrs for $100

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