Hades & Persephone

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Hades & Persephone

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          Persephone moved through the field, bringing with her the abundance of Spring. Her hands caressed the flowers. Her feet kissed the blades of grass. As the sun shimmered through her golden, red mane, butterflies danced about. 

          A vibrant cascade of sunshine surrounded her antics. Small buds blossomed on nearby branches and robins called out in joyous melodies, while the Goddess of Spring brought the season to life.

          Persephone knelt upon the soil, reaching for seeds deep within the earth, but as her hands hastened the seedlings rebirth, her mind drifted to the lingering kisses of her lover. 

          She paused, abandoning the task at hand, as her vision overtook her. The water clock had barely dripped since Hades had approached her in the Vale of Nysa and yet just the thought of him could force a low moan from her lips. She swayed upon her knees as a pale figure, cloaked in shadows moved into her periphery, stealing her sunlight, causing her heart to quicken.

          Persephone stood, her eyes widening as she took in the sensual darkness before her. It was the lover only moments ago she had desired in her minds eye. Veiled in glum overcoats, Hades’ delicate features were hidden away, confusing outsiders to a falsehood of wickedness. In truth, the God of the Underworld was merely the brother who had cast the ruby. An honest god who was tricked by his own brothers when drawing lots, determining his fate as the ruler of the shadowy place below the earth.

            Hades raised a cool hand, gentle and soft, placing it on the side of Persephone’s cheek. She leaned into the touch, losing herself for only a moment, before coming to her senses.

            “Come, we mustn’t be seen here,” Persephone said, attempting to pull Hades behind the wide trunk of a nearby tree.

            “It’s not possible to hide from the gods,” Hades argued, looking upwards to the Heavens.

             “Yes, but it’ll give us more time before becoming obvious to them.” Persephone reached forward, pulling at the garments surrounding Hades torso, in search of bare skin. 

            He mimicked her movements, clawing his way through the silk fabric which covered her, impossible to move fast enough. “We haven’t much time,” he said. “I can’t bear to be separated like this. Hesperides have flown three times since I’ve last had you near.”

            She paused wrapping an arm around the waist of her lover. The other took to stroking the dark curls of his hair. “We must be grateful for what time we have,” she said.

            He leaned in, capturing her mouth, persuading her tongue with the invitation. His hands continued to undress her but lost their speed, instead choosing to linger over various curves. “I’m grateful for every moment I have with you.” Hades coaxed Persephone down to the earth, removing the last of their robes as they entwined as one in the grass.

            They laid in the warmth of the sun, a fresh sheen of satisfied perspiration blanketed over them both. 

            Hades swept a strand of hair behind Persephone’s ear, his mouth following the tendril to the crook of her neck. “Come with me to the underworld.” he breathed. 

            “Demeter will never allow it,” she said. Persephone was a goddess of new life, light and enchanting. Her mother was not in favor of Hades opposing features of the afterlife, dark and disturbing.“My mother controls my future, Hades. It isn’t possible.” She reached for her silks, bitterness forcing her movements.

            “No.” He pulled her back towards his chest, her garments dropping with the motion. “Zeus has given us his blessing.”

            “You spoke to my father?” She raised to a seated position, her eyes widening at Hades’ admission.

            He reached for her hand, weaving her warm fingers through the coolness of his own. “Yes, he honors our devotion. He’s granted you permission to return with me to the underworld.” Hades moved a hand to the curve of her hip, the other placed under the softness of her chin. He looked into the depths of her eyes, making his plea. “Come with me, Persephone. Be my queen.”

          She reached for his hands, squeezing them gently, as a faint smile stretched across her face. “But what of my mother? ”

          “Zeus has taken care of the details and will inform your mother of our plans after our departure,” he said. “Once we’re gone from the earth, there isn’t much that she can do.”

          “Demeter won’t believe it.” She pulled away, covering herself with the previously discarded silks. “My mother carries a naivety that holds back her understanding of such things.” She hurriedly draped her robes around her shoulders, before pushing the tangled hair from her face.


          “What is it?” Hades asked. “This is the news that we’ve hoped for, isn’t it?” His head dropped, fear and doubt beginning to creep in. “Unless of course, you’ve changed your mind?”


          Persephone closed the space between them, taking her lover’s face between her hands. “Hades, I will never change my mind.” Her golden eyes danced. “But I do worry of my mother. The tales that she’ll spin and…”

            “It doesn’t matter. Zeus shall take care of it. He gave me his word.”

            Persephone leaned in, the warmth of her mouth caressing the coolness of his before turning to take in one last view of the brilliant fields. She stood, planting her feet firmly into the soil, pushing down deep into the earth as new blossoms and buds burst before her, awakening the final touches of Spring. 

            They took in the bounty before them, grateful for the future Zeus had given them. Persephone and Hades embraced again, with the abundance of beauty as their witness, before slipping beneath the earth, down into the underworld, never to be parted again.

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