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February Book Selection

Our February book selection for the Happily Ever After Book Club is Wild for You by Jeré Anthony. Grab it for FREE February 5th and 6th via Amazon and read along with us. Also, if you enjoy the book please be sure to leave a review!

Check out the blurb:

What happens when two complete opposites get stranded together on a deserted island? Plenty of banter and some epic, explosive sexual tension!

I was so close to landing that promotion I could almost taste it… I’m not sure what success actually tastes like, but I can tell you it certainly does NOT taste like coconuts and raw oysters!

How was I supposed to know the whole no-cell-phones-on-planes thing was a real safety concern? They should really warn you about that before takeoff…

Now I’m stuck here–wherever here is–on a deserted island in paradise with the only man in the world who could find this horrible incident convenient–my client, the viral YouTube survivalist, Wombat Willy.

Between his insistent filming and the actual predators trying to kill us… I’m ready to throw in the towel and let the buzzards take me!

I’m more of an indoorsy girl if you catch my drift…

Too bad my survival buddy doesn’t share the same sentiment. He’s too busy living his dream playing Castaway.

Our only hope of making it home in one piece will be working together… but that’s easier said than done.

Wild For you is a laugh-out-loud, scorching hot romantic comedy that’ll have you swooning and cry-laughing at the same time. Between the epic banter and the wild island sex, you’ll leave perfectly sated with all your steamy Rom/Com boxes checked.

Wanna know more about Jeré Anthony? Check out these five author fast facts:

1. I had a late-in-life ADHD diagnosis last year and suddenly everything made so much sense! From the trouble keeping jobs (how do they really expect you to be there at 8:00 every. single. day?) to impulsively getting my nose pierced + dying my hair green + fostering 8 cats over Christmas during Covid season 1… and not to mention the constant anxiety that I just couldn’t seem to shake no matter how hard I tried. It’s weird how when you start taking the right medication and giving your brain/body what it needs all the severe symptoms just fall away.

2. I rode in a hearse to school every day from the time I was in 6th-12th grade… My grandfather worked for the funeral home in our small town and drove the hearse as his primary vehicle because he was always on call to pick up the dead bodies. My brother and I used to roll around in the back and lay on the stretcher on the way to school while my grandfather whipped around all the curves, flinging us around in the back. Totally normal, right?

3. I was a gothic cheerleader in High School… I had the pale skin and died black hair, listened to angry rock music and everything. I was broken and angry (I didn’t know that at the time) but I was still rooting for you, ya know? Total enneagram 4 vibes!!!

4. I have given the Heimlich maneuver twice in my life! The first time was to my two-year-old daughter who was eating a granola bar and fell off the chair onto her back and started choking. The second time was when I was twenty-five weeks pregnant with my middle kid. My husband brought me out to eat at the BBQ place I had been craving all week and we had just sat down with our food. My mouth was watering and I was so excited to dig in when I looked over and saw this little old lady flapping her hands, she was at least 80. Everyone in the restaurant looked around in confusion and I stared at my husband who had just picked up his fork and started eating. “Are you going to do something!?” He looked at me like what do you expect me to do about it? I gave it another few seconds as I waited for a non-pregnant good Samaritan to step up and do the right thing but apparently everyone was fine to watch this little old lady choke in the middle of the restaurant. I slapped my hands on the table. “Fine, I’ll do it myself.” I walked over and gave her the Heimlich, hiking her small, fragile body over my baby bump a couple of times until the food shot out of her mouth. Afterward, she rubbed her ribcage and said, “Ow...” Not exactly the ‘thank you’ I was expecting…Then I sat back down to eat and proceeded to cry hysterically because I had lost my appetite from the adrenaline rush. Everyone in the restaurant came by to thank me and tell me they thought that baby was gonna fall right out of me! I was mortified and my husband thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen.

5. My late grandmother always wanted me to become a model. She talked about it every time she saw me, which I admit, wasn’t a lot since my parents were divorced but it’s one of those things that sticks with you. When my husband and I moved to NW Arkansas 4 years ago I took a copywriting job at Walmart. One day my coworker, who was in charge of the photography for packaging, asked me and my family to be models. I jumped at the opportunity. I’m proud to say you can see my grandmother’s dream come true on some of Walmart’s finest headphones, mini blinds, weighted blankets, and even a canopy tent! P.S. I didn’t get paid which makes it all even funnier!

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