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January Book Selection

Our January book selection for the Happily Ever After Book Club is Home is Where You Are by Melissa Grace. Grab it for FREE January 8th and 9th via Amazon and read along with us. Also, if you enjoy the book please be sure to leave a review!

Check out the blurb:

Olivia Sinclair left her dreams of a music career behind, along with her hopes for love and a family. With her husband having left her for more fertile pastures, she’s content to focus her energy on her thriving bakery, a new home, and an ornery rescue cat named Mama. That is until Liv’s best friend drags her to a concert where she meets the handsome (and much younger) frontman of the popular band, Midnight in Dallas.

Jaxon Slade is looking for a little inspiration. Up against a deadline, his ability to write music has escaped him. But when he meets Liv backstage, all of that changes. Jax is instantly captivated by her witty sense of humor and effortlessly beautiful voice. As the two grow closer, he begins to see a future with Liv by his side. All he has to do is convince her that their connection is worth the risk.

But when Jax suggests taking their relationship to the stage as a duo, fame makes some of the most painful details of Liv’s past public, testing her belief in their relationship and herself. Liv must decide between being the woman the world and her ex told her she was, or choosing the woman she was always meant to be. Home Is Where You Are, the first in the Midnight in Dallas series, is a story of love, friendship, and the family we choose.

Wanna know more about Melissa Grace? Check out these five author fast facts:

1. I'm terrified of those dancing windsock things. Yes, seriously.

2. I used to be a nail artist, and I even had my own business. I loved doing all of those fun Pinterest-y designs.

3. One time, I did a manicure on Tommy Shaw, the lead singer of STYX, and I had no idea it was him. I even asked if he played guitar.

4. The animals in my stories are all based on my real-life pets, including the hostile kitty from book one that started it all, Mama.

5. I thank my high school Journalism teacher, Miss Ross, in the acknowledgments of every single book I write, and I always will. She was the first person to encourage me to write and tell my stories. Her belief has stuck with me all these years, and I'm so grateful for her influence.

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