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March Book Selection

Our March book selection for the Happily Ever After Book Club is Lord of the Manor by Megan Musgrove. Grab it for FREE March 5th and 6th via Amazon and read along with us. Also, if you enjoy the book please be sure to leave a review!

Check out the blurb:

Stefan Walkinton, the new Earl of Winfield, needs money and he needs it quickly. Having no other option, he reluctantly agrees to open up the family home to the public. The last thing he wants is to advertise his family’s scandalous and shameful history, but doesn’t seem to be left with any choice.

When Dr Jasmine Snow receives an offer to put together a documentary about the infamous Walkinton family, she accepts without hesitation. Until she meets the Lord of the Manor himself. Not one to back down from a challenge, she faces him head on in an attempt to discover the secrets of Winfield Hall, whilst trying to keep her own hidden.

As they fight over the past, they are unaware of what the future may bring them.

Wanna know more about Megan Musgrove? Check out these five author fast facts:

1. I have been in two music videos - one was for a small band but the other was a bigger name, though it hasn’t been released yet so I’m still tied into the NDA! They just happened to be filming in the local area and I knew the casting agent from a previous life.

2. I am a yoga teacher, as well as an author

3. When I was 25, I decided to go live in Italy for a while.

4. I can actually tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue

5. The building on the cover of my book Lord of the Manor, is inspired by Christchurch Mansion, a Tudor mansion in my hometown, in a park we enjoy dog walks around.

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