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After being sold to the Bone Crushers Motorcycle Club, Sasha is determined to survive long enough to ensure her fellow captives’ escape. When the Soul Reapers MC crash the very auction set to determine her people’s fate, it’s hard for Sasha to believe this new rival pack is any better.

To make matters worse, the Blood Moon rises and a powerful magic is unleashed. Sasha finds herself irrevocably drawn to not one, not two, but three undeniably sexy yet brutally efficient killers. When a single moment in time sets her world on fire, how is she meant to resist the feral allure of the Chaos?

Grimm, Mongrel and Silver have dedicated their fearsome reputations to eradicating the skin trade in the valley. As the Blood Moon returns to the sky, bloody carnage erupts and the three Soul Reapers run slap bang into their fated mate. Only to discover she is human.

Protecting their charges from feral wolves--including their own brave and stubborn Sasha--just got a heck of a lot harder. Will the Soul Reapers be able to resist the pull of the Chaos? Or will they give in to the magic baiting their wildest instincts and bond the fierce human as their fated mate?

Doing the wrong thing never felt so right.

SOUL OF THE CHAOS is a paranormal MC romance written by K.O. Newman and Miri Stone. This standalone is a steamy AF, reverse harem, wolf shifter novel. With over 145K words ending on a steamy HEA/HFN, it’s chock-full of sexually explicit scenes (including MM, MFM, MMF, MMFM and MFMM), action-packed fight sequences, fated mates battling it out for dominance, violence, cussing and lashings of steam.

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