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Kristin is a shy bookstore owner, who has spent her life hiding shameful childhood secrets. She's also a cautious, single mom who is not looking for love. When her twenty-year high school reunion rolls around, bad boy Martin reveals that he's been pining over her since senior year. 

Stirring up the past, Kristin is overwhelmed by her memories and is unsure how to react. She's never been one to let her guard down, but feels drawn to his affections. 

Will she learn to face her demons and allow some unexpected romance into her life? Or will she fight to hide her scars and reject Martin once and for all?

Here's what you can expect from Bring Me to Life:

♥ Bookish female lead
♥ Sexy boxer love interest 
♥ Missed opportunity romance 
♥ Quirky Vashon Island PNW setting
♥ Strong female relationships 

♥ One-Hour Short Read

Trigger Warnings:
Emotional Abuse
Drug Abuse

Praise for Bring Me To Life:

"Compelling and heartwarming. Bring Me to Life views unrequited love from the other side of the lens in a way that is both refreshing and satisfying." – Amazon Review


"Who knew such a short story could be so complex? So full of emotions and a sense of place? lovely novelette from a new-to-me author. Will not be my last contemporary romance from her! "– Goodreads Review


"A high school reunion is the perfect storm of emotions and the perfect setting for a romantic novella. I really appreciate how Krista Harper squeezed out every ounce of angst and anticipation in this short but satisfying novella, creating as much back story, build up and eventual release as in a full-length novel." – Goodreads Review

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